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Internship Program



Course Description

This Internship Program is for engineering students who want to Design and Develop Embedded systems by working closely with our Design Engineers. This Program is the best course for a to-be engineer, System Integrator, architects who want to build out of the box solutions using Texas Instruments Analog ICs and Embedded Processors. At Skillsity, our aim to solve the unsolved problems through innovation and Research and Protecting Intellectual property through patents. Currently our teams are working on various Verticals i.e. Wireless Sensor Network, Wi-Fi Gateway, Biomedical, Blue tooth LE and IoT.

This program helps in developing skills to make projects/prototypes by own. We arrange visits in core electronics companies to give a clear understanding of how the industry functions which relates with the knowledge provided in this program. This program will not only help develop technical skills but also will exhibit the insights of the electronics industry so that the candidate is ready to take a decision call for making a career in this domain, before completing the final year of engineering. Our reviews say that this program can be a turning point for one’s career.


Course Highlights

Hands-on Training Session.

Embedded system Design using MSP430 (Texas Instruments).

Smart Sensor – Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Temp, Humidity, Pressure.

Protocols- Rs-232, RS485, SPI, I2C, USB, Ethernet, Modbus.

DSP - FIR Filter and FFT application Implementation.

Wireless Sensor Network using CC430.

Internet of Things (CC3200) and much more…

Course Benefits

Opportunity to work on Industrial projects.

Chance to meet and interact with industry experts.

Recognition from industry and academia.

Training and Hand holding for TI Analog design contest.

Access to the all type of ICS and EVMs /Kits required for Project.

Certification of participation to all team members.

Duration: 1 Month

Location: Bangalore

Price: 12000 INR


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Course Reviews

Alveera Gill (Manipal Institute Of Technology)

This was a good experience , there was a lot to learn specially because of the project we made by the end of it. This was the first time i learnt assembly language and understood quite a bit of it even after having no coding experience at all. Finally, this internship was very informative and this was one month well spent!

Thoshith. S (Siddaganga Institute of Technology)

-Basic & programming oriented training of MSP430. -Discussion regarding application of MSP430 and its advantages of MSP430 over other families. -Good and innovative projects assigned to each group. -Implementation of projects using the Booster packs provided. -Interactive faculty guidance for the success of the projects. -Great experience in work environment and development of challenging projects. -ET board for training and launch pad which is very simple and easy for a beginner. -Motivation from faculty.

Samarth Mulgund (Siddaganga Institute of Technology)

-It was a good experience both with respect to knowledge gained about MSP430 & also with respect to teamwork. -Training was both programming oriented & also project oriented. -Guidance for training was appreciable.

Pranav Karajaikar (Manipal Institute of Technology)

Overall, the idea of having a training program which focuses on hands-on, practical approach is good. I learned more while working with the launch pad than in the theory. The experience was positive overall because I got to use components & technology which i never used before and also got to go on an industrial visit and be part of a focus group.

Trishala P.G (VIT University)

I had a wonderful experience. It was very informative i learnt a lot. The booster pack was useful for the project. We could share a lot of our ideas and got a very detailed information about the core industries.


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