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Description: The DC Motor BoosterPack is the first extension module for the MSPEXP430G2 MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development Kit. Extension modules such as this one, designed specifically for the LaunchPad, are called BoosterPacks, and each features an application example for one of the MSP430 Value Line devices. The DC motor booster pack is designed such that it can be used for developing prototype in the applicative areas of PID and Fussy Logic. The Booster pack comprises of DC motor, which is attached to the PCB containing Hall effect sensor and a MOSFET.

Specifications: Microcontroller Specification: MSP430G2553 -16 Bit RISC Orthogonal Core RAM – 512B, FLASH 16K.
10 Bit ADC (Sampling Rate >200Ksps)  16 bit Capture/Compare Timers (2 )
Two UART/ 2 SPI / I2C , Watchdog Timer Analog Comparator, Hardware Multiplier and PWM
Three Channel DMA, Six Ports Analog & Digital
Built in Clock (Digital Controlled Oscillator) Low supply voltage: 1.8v to 3.6v DC Motor DC motor – 3V - 5V brushless (Connected to TP1) Current - 550mA or less Speed – 18000 RPM (Depending on PWM) Weight – 18 grams Optical Coupler (TLP181): Four Interrupt Enabled Keys Collector−emitter voltage: 80V (min) Current transfer ratio: 50% (min) Rank GB: 100% (min) Isolation voltage: 3750Vrms (min) Operation Temperature:-55 to 110 ˚C


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