Capacitive touch (Switch++)

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Capacitive touch (Switch++)


Description: The IR/Capacitive sensor BoosterPack is an extension module for the MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development Kit (see Figure 1). Extension modules such as this one, designed specifically for the LaunchPad, are called BoosterPacks, and each features an application example for one of the MSP430 Value Line devices. The BoosterPacks can be connected to the MSP-EXP430G2 with both 10-pin male headers (included in MSP-EXP430G2 kit) soldered onto the board and, therefore, use all available pins on the MSP430G2553 Value Line device. The MSP430 Switch++ BoosterPack features the new MSP430G2553 devices, which are capable of driving up to 14 capacitive-touch enabled I/O pins. The included MSP430G2553 device allows for low-cost capacitive-sensing and approximation-sensing applications without the use of any external components. The BoosterPack includes a capacitive-touch board with an IR sensor and an MSP420G2553 device that is preprogrammed with a demo application.

MSP430 Switch++ BoosterPack features: 6 LEDs Six capacitive-touch areas (numbers 1-6) A simple three-pin TSOP34838 3-V integrated sensor is used in this booster pack to amplify, filter, and demodulate the IR signal, providing a clean logic-level output with only the serial data present. One preprogrammed MSP430G2553 device

Kit Contents One Capacitive Touch/IR sensor BoosterPack board with 6 LEDs and six sensor pads and a TSOP 84838 IR sensor One preprogrammed MSP430G2553 device


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